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Our first ever #wcw is to @adedayojoseph1st She was one of our Waka buddies last year and I’ve been following her work. Amazing is the only word that describes what she does. Read.

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The first time in my life I heard the word cancer, I was 6 years old and my mom’s friend had come to visit. It turned out she had gone through a bilateral mastectomy. As a child I imagined someone hacking off her breasts with a saw or something. I imagined pain, and blood; and the whole story just horrified me.

Many years later, I was a med student. And I found that my medical education still did not satisfy my curiosity and thirst to know more about ‘this cancer’. The cancer unit was this sad place, and cancer remained the scary illness which ‘you do not call by name’. I graduated & as a young medical graduate I found myself wondering ‘what I want to be when I grow up’.

Fast forward a year or two and I found myself in the U.S. still trying to become. Sometime in that gap year, I spent a week observing in a cancer unit, and decided then; that I wanted to become an Oncologist.

I won’t pretend it was even slightly easy; or that there weren’t days when I wondered why on earth I had gotten myself into this. I won’t pretend I that I didn’t contemplate quitting. Many times. But I refused to give up.

For a long time I also had people around me who would make me feel bad that I was working so hard and for so little money. Some out of care, some out of scorn. Thank God for a supportive partner who always reminded me that if you’re blessed not to have to work for money; then you’d better work for love. So I kept at it. Today I am so happy to say, that I love what I do. With all my heart, lungs, liver, and spleen. I wouldn’t trade that; for money.

Fast forward a few years (few is relative, abi?) and several people came up to me over the last two days at #WIMBIZannualconference2017 and said ‘Hi; your are the #cancerdoctor?

I proudly said “Yes! I am!”

💪 End of long story. Or maybe just the beginning?! 🤔🤔

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