Visa Denied

Our green card, and the misdeeds of some our brothers and sisters in the abroad and even here, has made applying for visa as a Nigerian, an examination as important as the combination of WAEC and JAMB to get admission into a university.

This morning, a prospective client reached out to us for Schengen visa application assistance, I started asking her questions from our tick off list and her chances of getting the visa were non existent. We told her her chances are rather very slim and she should do this and that, and try again next year. She was not happy about that.

If you have plans to travel the world and garner new experiences, then you have to put measures in place to aide your visa applications.

If you’re a career person, maintain a salary account and have a savings account. Also, build travel history, especially with countries whose visas don’t give too much wahala.

If you’re an entrepreneur, REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS with CAC, (a basic business name registration is enough), open a business account and run it properly while you build it.

With other documents, most visa applications need 3 – 6 months account statement and about 700k to 1m sitting in your account, built up, not dumped in there at once ( you become a suspect when they notice that).

Do the needful if travelling is something you want to do. Waka With Debbie is here to help you fa. 😊

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