Must-have Waka Apps.

Helpful apps you should have as a Waka Waka, especially good for travels outside Naija, connecting flight brouhaha, delayed flight, canceled flight, etcs.

1. Tripit and Tripcase: TripIt (iOS | Android) and TripCase (iOS | Android) are travel itinerary apps that contain almost all details of a trip, including flight, car rental, lodging, and other details. The air travel information includes flight times, flight and booking numbers, seat assignments, terminal and gate information, and more. 36 hours before any trip set up notifications on your phone, and 24 hours before your flight, the app will prompt you to check in online, and from there just keeps updating as new information becomes available.

2. Gate Guru: GateGuru (iOS | Android), one of the best-known airport apps, helps specifically with getting through the terminal efficiently and (fairly) well fed. Through GateGuru you can be informed that the airport for your connecting flight is another terminal different from where you landed. Gate Guru is owned by tripadvisor.

3. Google Maps: Good old Google Maps. Google Maps (iOS | Android) has started mapping the interiors of airports.

4. Google Translate: While Google Translate (iOS | Android) isn’t strictly an airport app, it can come in handy during those disorienting first few minutes at an international airport. You can type in foreign text or even snap a photo of an airport sign, and the app will give you an instant translation.

5. HotelTonight: HotelTonight (iOS | Android) is not strictly an airport app, but imagine this: Your flight is canceled for the day, there is no way to avoid an overnight, the airline is not providing hotel rooms, and you need somewhere to sleep on short notice. HotelTonight’s shortcut to nearby hotels with available rooms (and its boast that it can book a room for you in under 10 seconds) can give you a head start on everyone around you thinking the same thing.

The internet and apps have made our lives really easy but never forget socialising and human contact, ask questions, the internet can fail sometimes.
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