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A little about me

WakaWithDebbie was birthed by my sudden itch to explore, experience and travel Africa. At first, it started with just me, now, it has evolved into a community that we call ‘Wakabuddies’ and everything that has to do with travels and traveling.

I help you explore and experience Africa; from its nature, to its culture and history, to its pristine heritage locations… meet its people…enjoy its foods…. speak its languages…. feel the beauty of it.

We aim to be the client-centred Tourism brand in Nigeria...and Africa.

WAKA WITH DEBBIE is a personalized Tour planning and packaging agency. We understand how challenging it can be for you to visit a city and not experience it. That’s why we exist, to help you experience tourist places starting from the core of Nigeria; Lagos, other states, neighboring African countries the entire Africa. We are based in Lagos-Nigeria and so our tours usually start from here. Notwithstanding, we also do bespoke packages to other tourist places in Benin, Togo, Ghana, etc. 

It is very personalized, as we want you to experience Africa devoid of corporate packaged brouhaha. So meet us, WakaWithDebbie, your personal tour guide, company, friend, whichever you want to call us. With an in-depth, raw and distinct knowledge of our country and continent, we have decided to show the beautiful sides of Africa that are not portrayed on the mainstream.

We pride ourselves as innovative.

We continually make all our experiences to be as bespoke as possible.

We've won many awards.

In the hearts of our clients so far, that is. We create memories of our beautiful Africa.

We are a team of genius people.

Using the best resources and contacts, we promise to thrill you on your trips.